A Description Of Some Small Dog Clothes

Published: 22nd February 2011
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Aside from being fed and trained, dogs also deserved to be dressed on. This is especially true for puppies which look very nice with small dog clothes. It gives them a sense of identity and fashion. Well, if you love your puppies so much you won’t need many reasons why you should give them beautiful clothes. You just want to give them dog clothing so they look and feel better. Small dogs have needs, too, after all.

There are different types of small dog clothes depending on the materials used, price range and occasions for their use. But when you are the one looking for clothes for small dogs, you should bear in mind foremost the gender, personality and lifestyle of your pups. You wouldn’t want to dress up your aggressive male puppies with gowns and nanny clothes.

The lifestyle of your small dogs would depend largely on yours. Do you leash your dogs? Or do you allow them to roam around the front yard?Do you often bring your puppies outside? Do you bring them to the supermarket and park? If your dogs are usually leashed or inside your house, then you might as well limit their small dog clothing.

Small dog clothes are generally categorized according to their price range. There are designer dog clothing and discount dog clothing.

Designer clothing are typically made by well-known brands such as Pooch Outfitters and are fit for special events. Designer clothes usually include a package of other apparels and accessories. Depending on the gender, the package may include belts, hats and shoes.

Discount clothes for small dogs, on the other hand, come from single-piece apparels to hand-me-downs. They are lower in price compared to designer clothes, but you should make sure that you get your money’s worth when opting for cheap dog clothes. If you are resourceful, it won’t really be that hard to find discount but quality clothes online.

Another major category among puppies clothes depends on what occasion the puppies are going. If you would bring your puppy to a dog show, there are themes usually in those shows like cartoon characters, fairytales and even Valentine theme. You should, of course, follow the theme which can be done easily because there are themed clothes available online.

Other else occasions such as strolling at the park, the most important thing here is to dress up your dogs comfortably. In this particular case, you should choose small dog clothes that allow them to easily move and run around. You should also consider the health functions of pup clothes. Clothes that are made of cotton are normally more expensive but they are better for your small dogs. Cotton clothes allow them to breathe easier and usually are hypoallergenic.

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