A Description Of Wing Back Chairs?

Published: 04th May 2011
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Looking for a comfortable and elegant chair? You are then looking for wing back chairs. Due to its design, this chair naturally improves your posture. The elegance of wingbacks can be traced from the British monarchy. Find an online store that offers wingback chairs without being too expensive. Here are other reasons why people prefer wingbacks.

From a very simple term, wing back chairs are simply chairs with high back and rolled arms that have wings that protrude over the arms. Mostly, these wing chairs are upholstered. And in contrast to what many thought, these winged back chairs are actually creations originally from the past.

In the 18th century, the royal families were the first to possess chairs. In fact, chairs were exclusive to the royalties. The Queen Anne chair was designed exclusively for the British monarch. Years later, the chairs had become an exclusive privilege of the nobles with more varied styles and designs.

The wing back chairs are designed to place them facing the lit fireplace so that anybody who is seated on the chair will be warmed on the front and cold on the back. The arms that seem to envelop from the back will retain the heat from the burning fireplace at their front.

Today, however, thanks to the invention of the heaters, modern households no longer have fireplaces to keep ourselves warm. Still, the wings on these chairs are retained owing to the chair’s rich history and unique design which boasts of elegance.

These chairs are also known for comfort. Its back is high to accommodate the back of the person up to the head. It is also designed wide to suit any size of the body. The arms can provide for armrests. The modern designs and styles are crafted to meet various needs of people.

In the United States and Europe, these chairs are seen in the libraries for comfortable reading. They can also be placed in the living room while you entertain visitors. If you have a separate room for entertainment such as TV or Movie-viewing, you can also put this chair in that room. It will give you a comfortable position while you are enjoying your favorite show or movie.

One popular example of wing back chairs are the ones made of a leather material. Leather winged back chairs are found in stately homes and hotels. Designed for maximum comfort, the leather chairs are generally expensive especially in the previous years. This time, the prices are more competitive due to the increased number of manufacturers and the variety of designs and styles.

The leather material is also known to last longer. Thus, if this is the material used in your wing back chair, then surely, your furniture will see many decades. Of course, you also have to take care of it.

Wooden wing back chairs are also popular. They are classical and elegant too. Some of the types of wood used in making these wing back chairs are cherry, mahogany and pine. When it comes to fabric, commonly used are silk, wool and polyester.

Wing back chairs are more than a good decoration for a room. They are very efficient in providing comfortable sitting position. They promote good posture. They ensure that the backbone is not strained when you sit on this type of chair.

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