Are Refurbished Used Circuit Breakers Safe To Use?

Published: 04th May 2010
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Are you thinking of buying used circuit breakers? Used is something associated low quality. With breakers this is a different story. These parts are refurbished to tight electrical standards. When these switches go through refurbishment, they are like new. This article shows you how they are reconditioned.

Used circuit breakers can be reconditioned, by replacing components that show signs of wear with new ones. Circuit breakers are devices that break a currents path when it becomes excessive.

Under specified abnormal circuit conditions, circuit breakers disrupt and shut power off to a specific electrical area. They act as switches and become a controller. It controls and protects an electrical circuit where people live or in a specific equipment.

When excess electricity is allowed into a circuit and its circuit breaker panel, it will destroy equipment, burn up wiring and in many cases cause fires. In high temperatures, a circuit breaker can be a limit switch, in which the switch is tripped so that no damage occurs to the electrical insulation material or copper wire.

Even used circuit breakers are capable of delivering such functions with good performance. The types of used switches that are eligible for reconditioning are low voltage, medium voltage and oil breakers.

Reconditioning a switch is not a light task. It involves thorough and careful execution of knowledge and skills. Each breaker has different process of reconditioning according to their voltage.

For low voltage, the reconditioning process involves disassembly of components. These components are cleaned, dried, and deoxidized, to remove corrosion. The parts are degreased, plated, painted, lubricated and adjusted. All this is done according to specific industrial electrical standards.

Before they are shipped for distribution, used switches are required to pass rigid inspection and testing. All procedures involved in reconditioning, inspection, testing, and final inspection are recorded.

The information is recorded onto an Evaluation and Test form as required for standard refurbishment. Most technicians that perform reconditioning are certified by the Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League, PEARL.

If a PEARL certified technician follows the reconditioning standards, the low voltage circuit breakers he has worked is eligible for a blue pearl reconditioned quality seal. The quality of a reconditioned breaker is no different then that of a new brand new.

Today, the market for used circuit breakers is expanding. Many people have a preference for used reconditioned electrical devices for many reasons. Savings is the primary benefit of reconditioned equipment. You can save on average of 75% of the cost of new equipment.

There are electrical devices that come in one year warranty even when they are reconditioned. The warranty is the same as the one given to a brand new device. Used circuit breakers are easily available at stores.

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