Best Acne Glycolic Acid Tips

Published: 01st May 2009
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Acne glycolic acid is used in the treatment of acne. Its effective use is not in using it alone, but in combination with other acids. But, in this article we discuss glycolic acid so that you can become more familiar with it. That way when you use it to treat your acne, you will understand how to use it. But to get the best results with this acid it should be used in conjunction with other acidic creams.

You skin take 2-3 weeks to produce a pimple or whitehead. This pimple or acne is created when sebum hardens and becomes trapped in your pores and can not be released. Using acne glycolic acid stops acne from forming, since it keeps the pores open and softens the hard sebum, so it can come out of the pore.

Glycolic acid comes from sugar cane, so it is a natural product. Citrus fruits also contain glycolic acid, so it is considered a safe product provided it is used in low concentrations. In products it usually contain less then 10 %. But, when used for skin peels up to 30 to 50 % is used and under doctors care.

When starting out to use glycolic acid, it is best to start with 2.5 % or 5 % to see how you skin will react. Then you can increase the concentration to 10%. Most cosmetic products have 10 % or less of glycolic. The concentrations used by trained cosmetologists are between 20 and 30 % and those used by doctors can range from 50 to 70 percent.

In acne products, glycolic acid is also used as an exfoliate and moisturizer. It works in this way because of it high acidity and easy of solubility. In a cream, glycolic acid gets under the damaged upper layers of the skin and dissolves the chemicals that hold the dead skin in place.

Using acne glycolic acid with other products improves the effects of the glycolic acid and that of other products. The chemicals of the other products can now penetrate deeper into your skin. After they removed the dead skin, these products have ingredients the help to neutralize the glycolic acid.

Glycolic acid products should only be used on occasion when used to remove dead skin and perhaps once a week is ok. Using this acid all year long is not recommended. As you get older, your skin takes longer to renew itself and glycolic acid speeds up this renewal process. Take breaks from using these acid products.

After using glycolic acid products you should use sunburn products of at least 15 SPF. Do this to prevent photo damage to your skin. Glycolic acid exposes new skin and can be sensitive to the sun. As you remove dead skin, you skin may drier then normal but after a few days your skin will recover and appear normal.

If you stop using glycolic acid to clear or to prevent acne, the dead cells, skin derby and dirt will build up and your pores will become clogged again. The result is you will again have acne or pimples. Learning to keep your face clean and how to prevent your body from creating excess sebum can be a solution to your acne.

If you want to get rid of acne and you have tried other solutions, then now is the time to try acne glycolic acid. This acid has a good history of helping to eliminate acne. To use acne glycolic acid right, you have to know what to do with it to help stop and eliminate acne. Now you can get my latest e-report call"... Using Glycolic Acid." Now is your chance to clear your face, Go get this report here, glycolic acid skin care. and start eliminating acne.

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