Can A Car Bra Prevent Car Damage?

Published: 24th March 2010
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There are benefits in using car bras. Maintain your car's appearance with a car bra. A Car bra is thick enough to guard against paint damage. A safe driving at night is one of the bra's functions. There are different types of car bras that you can choose. Use this article as reference when choosing your car bra.

Car bras are a detachable front covers used to protect the grill and hood of your car. Also known as a bonnet, bras for cars is created in many different styles using many different materials to avoid scratching the car finish.

Because it serves as protection, it is excellent in blocking bug splatters and dings that are often a consequence of falling debris. It denies entry to airborne insects which love to litter around the hood surface.

In most cases, the material used for a car bra is thick enough to prevent damage resulting from loose gravel being skidded up by car tires. During long road trip, a car bra prevents damage to the car paint. Even your car's headlights and parking lights benefit from car bras.

A bra for cars protects such lights from damage caused by flying rocks and pebbles on the road. Besides protection, safety is another benefit you can get from having a car bra. One famous manufacturer, Colgan car bra, once said that a car bra accords a measure of safety when you are driving, especially in the evening.

A front end car bra helps you to see more clearly because the bra protects your headlights from being covered with road debris. Also, it provides additional protection by keeping things from being stuck to the car hood.

Colgan car bra manufacturer believes that you can save money. Car bras are designed to protect your car hood and car grill, as well as your bumper from any damage. In addition, even when you start using it, you may not see its importance, but in the long run; you will feel that it adds value to your car by keeping the car paint always new looking.

During trade-ins or when you decide to sell your car, you can ask for more money because the front side of your car has preserved its beauty. Bras for cars make a good and stylish car accessory. Most bras fit on almost any type of car.

There is also a custom car bra to fit your style and fashion taste. You can choose your color-either a solid or a combination of different colors. You can even provide an elegant look on your car with a sleek black car bra.

Attaching car bras is easy. In many models, the bra comes with simple hooks that make it possible and convenient to secure the bra along the car grill and bumper, and under the front fenders. There is also magnetized material which sticks to the metal of the car hood and grill, thereby, securing the bra from its proper place.

All bras for cars are removable for cleaning and replacement. The attaching and detaching of a car bra is easy. However, it requires few things for its care. For example, it is advisable never leave the bra on the front end when it is wet.

Observe the seams of the car bras. The seams are the first to show damage. You can use soft felt squares on any edge where there are seams touching the metal. Routine driving can cause the chassis to flex and cause substantial bra rubbing on the hood.

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