Choosing A Good Electric Shaver

Published: 30th March 2010
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Do you know what electric shaver to buy? A good electric shaver can give you a shave like a razor blade. Do you know what some of the best shavers are? Some manufacturers make wet and dry shavers. If you want a chargeable unit, choose a fast charging one. This article will help decide which electric shaver is good for you.

Even when razors are varied, it should not confuse you in choosing a good electric shaver. Since men and women use shavers, it is wise to understand that there are shavers designed for each gender. If you are a man, you should use the electric shaver fit for men. Men's razors are designed for the contours on the face and neck, and women's razors are designed for their legs and underarms.

Because of the difference in hair texture, women's shaver motor is not as powerful as a man's shaver. It is for this reason that the price gap between men's and women's shaver is wide. Regardless of the gender, there are two types of electric shavers, namely rotary and foil shavers.

The common characteristic of foil and rotary is the use of foil to conceal the blades, and help separate the individual hairs. A common rotary shaver has three blades covered by respective foils, which are suspended by springs allowing the mated pairs to flex to match the contours on the face.

The skin is rolled to make the hair stand on its end whenever the razor heads touch and press the areas-face, neck, legs and underarms-for shaving. A good electric shaver can cut the hairs despite the varying contours on a man's face and neck and women's underarm and legs.

The rotary blade cuts the hair with the back side of the foil, and the hairs fall into the hollow section of the shaver. The skin then falls back into place. Norelco is the brand manufactured by Philips, one of the best-selling brands in the market. Norelco reflex, Arcitec and XL series earned the highest remarks.

The foil shavers have one set of blades. Their mesh foils are more delicate and thinner. The foil shavers are manufactured from smoother metals such as titanium, platinum and stainless steel. In foil razors, the foils are deliberately thin to have closer contact to the skin, resulting to smoother shaving.

Two popular brands that manufacture foil shaver are Remington and Braun. Between these two, Remington comes after Braun. The consideration of razor type is not the sole basis for being labeled as a good electric shaver.

There are shavers that are designed for wet and dry shaving. If you are always running late and you need to shave while taking a shower, you may choose the razors for wet shaving. These for-wet shavers are powered by batteries; however, the performance may not be impressive.

Norelco is the first brand to introduce lotion in shaving. Norelco moisturizing shaving system dispenses lotion through a small nozzle from a canister at the back of the razor. In order not to irritate the skin after shaving, the lotion is expected to lubricate the skin.

A good electric shaver has longer lasting battery, and the charging time is quicker. The battery life and time consumed for its charging sometimes define the cost of the shaver. Pioneering brands are commonly more expensive.

Besides the battery, other features help determine the price. A good electric shaver should live up to its claims, and the price should reflect these claims.

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