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Published: 26th May 2010
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Do you know what a scratch auction is? Scratch auction is just as exciting as other auctions. The price is hidden unless you hit the button. More scratching makes the price drop. Click the buy it now tabs when the price is okay for you. Find out how the scratch auction is played, with this article.

Scratch auction is just one of the many exciting new things along with the buzz that online shopping has created. It is a concrete proof of how modern technology has indeed revolutionized the shopping experience in this generation. Online bidding is another appropriate term for this exciting shopping experience worth the try.

If it is the first time you heard about scratch auction, I am sure you are now getting curious how this works and where to find it, so you can start giving it a try. Online bidding is no longer hard to find especially in this new forward society.

Before you can actually give scratch auction a try, you need to know where to find this. Just like any other types of online bidding, it can be found in many auction websites.

This type of shopping auction is just one of the most popular along with Penny auction and buy-a-seat auction. Each type of online bidding has a different working option or mechanism. Whichever of the shopping auctions you choose, it is important that you also know the strategies needed for each of them.

Having the information pertinent to where you can get scratch auction, the next thing you need to know is how this thing really works. Before you can actually give it a try it is a must that you fully understand its mechanics otherwise the purpose for this kind of shopping experience will only prove futile.

Scratch auction works on a descending price scale. The option includes buying the item once the price has hit its selling point. Unlike penny auctions, there are no timers in this particular type of online bidding. The prices will not increase by a specific amount instead it decreases!

On a scratch auction, the current price can only be seen once the auction button is scratched. Each time a participant scratches, a certain period of time is given to decide whether or not to purchase the product at the going price. Usually it only lasts 5 seconds for a bidder to decide on this matter. The online bidding ends when a participant finally decides to buy the product.

As users click the "SCRATCH TO SEE YOUR PRICE" button, the price will continue to drop until it reaches zero dollars. The online bidding is over once someone selects the 'buy it now" feature.

You need to remember that only one participant can purchase the product being auctioned. The one that stands as winner of this online auction is the only one who gets the chance to buy the auctioned product. Hence, it is highly recommended to click the "buy it now button" once you get the very first opportunity otherwise you may not get another chance!

Always remember that the auction begins at a specific time and ends when a participant chooses to purchase the product for the current price. This makes things more exciting and enough reason to try scratch auction.

Do you want to try a scratch auction? Then, go to . The first thing to do at our site is to register. Checkout the steps for bidding, they are easy. And, you're ready to start bidding. Go to Lets go bidding now and start you fun.

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