Discover Why CBN Grinding Is A Superior Process

Published: 03rd June 2010
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CBN grinding wheel replaces the traditional method of constructing grinding wheel machines. Using a CBN wheel improves the efficiency of the machine for grinding, drilling and cutting. Grinding is accomplished through spinning wheels at high speeds on a spindle.

In spinning, the grooves on the wheel move quickly, which creates something similar to a chain saw or buzz saw. It is used in cutting abrasive materials into various shapes. CBN or cubic boron nitride is the second hardest material, after diamond.

But unlike a diamond, CBN is not a natural-occurring substance. It is a man-made material from abrasive particles synthesized under conditions similar to those used to produce artificial diamond.

In grinding wheels and other tools, CBN is used to machine hard and ferrous metals for the automotive and aerospace industries. It is also used to make polycrystalline products. A CBN grinding wheel is efficient. It is durable and can grind iron, nickel and other similar metals, particularly when exposed to high temperatures.

CBN is two or three times harder than conventional abrasives like the aluminum oxide and silicon carbide. And because of its abrasive and durable cutting edges, it does not dull quickly.

Since 1969, CBN has been available commercially. However, most CBN products used for production grinding are new. The recent success of CBN, when used in aerospace, automotive and rotary tool applications, came from combined efforts of machine tool builders, grinding wheel manufacturers and customers.

In such case, a CBN grinding system is set at high speed and grinds case-hardened, stainless and exotic substances. The applications of grinding system produces new CBN products like the new continuous-rim vitrified CBN wheels.

The CBN wheels can be manufactured to shape and do not require dressing. Companies involved in aerospace, automotive and from other industries have developed CBN technology in terms of improved productivity, factory automation, upgrading part materials, and tighter quality and tolerance of parts.

With improved productivity comes lower cost per part. CBN cuts more speedily and efficiently at lower cutting forces. Compared to the traditional aluminum oxide wheels, CBN wheels require less machine downtime to re-sharpen or replace the wheel.

CBN is best used on a computer, which is a numerically controlled machine, which automates a factory. In addition with CBN, the end users can easily cut superior materials that are otherwise difficult to fabricate.

Because it has slow wearing characteristics and excellent machine accuracy, CBN grinding system produced better parts geometrically. They improved surface integrity, create improved dimensional tolerances and generate tighter statistical quality control limits.

If you have not used CBN before, maybe now is the time for you to consider it. This material has proven records as a cutting tool. If you work in any construction and manufacturing company, you should consider CBN grinding wheels for grinding rocks and boulders.

Make your cutting tasks efficient and cost-efficient. Try the CBN grinding wheels and see the difference.

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