Do You Know How To Play A Penny Auction?

Published: 24th June 2010
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Do you know what penny auction is? You can win, even if you only have a small offer. Penny auctions have unique rules. Bidders only pay a nonrefundable bidding fee to join. You are the winner, if you are the last bidder. There are some unusual things that are for sale. Read this article to find out more about this type of auction.

You must have heard about penny auction, but do you have an idea of what it is or how it works. Yes it is an auction, but what is the penny all about? A penny auction, as most people looked at it, is the latest but most exciting form of online bidding.

So before we dig deeper into this process, let us first talk about online bidding. It is a form of auction done via the internet or the so called online auction. Like the traditional auction, it also requires buyers to bid on the auctioned item.

Nowadays, more and more individuals are putting up bidding site of this kind; in fact, the top auction sites are ebay, uBid, and

Online bidding is now a globally popular activity on the net. More and more buyers search for items over the net, consequently, more and more sellers' auction and offer items for sale on the net.

There are different reasons why online bidding attracts both buyers and vendors. One, it is relatively cheaper to auction items online as you don't have to pay for rental fees, staff and other overhead charges. There are the site's charge but that is nominal.

Second, you can easily offer your goods all over the world. And lastly, you can easily auction almost anything as long as it is allowed by the law. For buyers, they can have wider selections of the items they want and most importantly, the delivery is sometimes free.

Now, let's talk about penny auction; what it is, how does it work and how does it differ from the traditional. First of all, it is just a kind of online bidding. Penny bid is also called bidding fee because a nonrefundable fee is usually required from a bidder before he can place his bid and join the buying.

How does a penny auction site work? Although different sites apply different rules, some basic rules are applied to all auction sites. Each bidders are required to pay a penny each time they bid. The winner is not necessarily the one with the highest bid. The winner is actually the last bidder before the bidding time ends. Perhaps, this is the reason why some bidders use auction software to determine the remaining time that their favored item still has.

Penny auction is popular on its own right and not because it is a variation of online bidding. In fact, it has added a new kind of twist to the traditional way of doing online auction. Its mechanics and technicalities have provided online bidding with a higher level of thrill and excitement.

At present, you can find a number of free penny auction sites with different products and items to bid from like the This kind of online bidding is of course, not only for small items, you can buy appliances, furniture pieces, collectible items and many more- even car if you like.

Funny, but believe it or not, people do check online car auctions to see whether they offer penny auction. Who knows, they might just have a lucky penny and own a car for a price cheaper than they can imagine.

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