Do You Know What A Pre-Employment Screening Service Does?

Published: 20th April 2010
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Do you know how to do pre-employment screening? It requires help to do this process right. Criminal record is a must to be investigated. Investigation agencies make call courts for civil or criminal checks. You must screen you applicant well before acceptance. Find out who your applicant is before offering employment. Learn how this pre-employment is made.

Pre-employment screening is a process of background investigation. Its purpose is to make an inquiry into the background of an individual with regards to civil, criminal, medical history, employment records, and credit score.

Sometimes the educational background is included, particularly, if it is an employment screening background check. Often, such background screening is requested by employers for applicants aspiring for high position, like in a school, government, financial institution, and airport.

The civil background checks include any civil cases filed by the job applicant or against the job applicant. The third-party agency doing the pre-employment screening may make telephone calls to various trial courts and inquire whether the job candidate has ever filed a lawsuit against his former employers.

In the United States, many individuals make a living by suing other people, including companies. Hence, companies may do well to be selective on their prospective employees. The Criminal Background check is quite general. It is also among the most serious categories in employment screening background check.

The purpose of criminal background check is to ensure that the company and all incumbent employees are safe from any physical and emotional harm. Calling the criminal courts or visiting them will prove helpful.

To grant access to someone's criminal records, the agency conducting the pre-employment screening may need information such as the complete name, birth date and social security number of the job applicant.

Included in the check is information on arrests, incarceration, conviction, imprisonment, sex offense, and litigation incidences. Besides this, the employer may also look into the legal working status of the job candidates. To this category includes the citizenship and immigration information, if applicable.

The driving and vehicle records are equally important, specifically, if the job applicant is applying for the position of a company driver or if the company belongs to the transportation industry. In most cases, clean driving records have higher chances of getting hired.

The Drug tests may also be a requirement in doing a pre-employment screening. Its purpose is to measure the performance of an employee or the potential of job candidates, about corporate ethics, and sometimes, to keep the worker's compensation premiums low.

The substances that are commonly looked into are methamphetamine, alcohol, amphetamines, MDMA, barbiturates, cannabis, cocaine, heroin, morphine and codeine. The methods used can be urine, hair follicle and saliva of the job applicant.

At times, even the credit history is included in the employment screening. This is especially true if the applicant is seeking for a position that handles or involves finances, such as accountant, compensation and benefits personnel, and finance manager.

The information provided by the credit bureau determines the credit worthiness of the person. It also tells a lot about his capacity in handling his finances. The company may consider thoroughly whether a poor credit score still makes a person the ideal candidate for a particular position.

Pre-employment screening can also check on the medical, mental and physiological history of a potential employee, although, it is rarely done by most employers. The information contained on this report is highly sensitive and confidential; hence, it cannot be pursued without written consent from the person.

Pre-employment screening on educational background, relevant work experience and home address history of an applicant verifies the accuracy of information indicated on his or her resume.

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