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Published: 13th October 2009
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Mayan Hammocks are among the quality of sways there are. Some people even label these hammocks as the Nature's sway. They are comfortable and convenient. Hammocks accessories such as hanging kits, pillows, blankets are more than a décor.

They can be great accessories to spend time while enjoying the cool breeze. According to many who have tried Hammocks, Mayan brand is among the best because it is barely out there when you use it. Its supportive design is matchless because it 100% handmade on vertical looms by weavers. Other terms for hammocks are Yucatan hammocks and Mexican hammocks.

All types of Mayan Hammocks are hand-woven by the natives in Yucatan and Quintana Roo in Mexico City. When you witness the artworks even the hammocks accessories, you would realize that the vertical looms are simple to weave while the colors, although varied, are actually patterns produced by the movements of the hands weaving. The same goes out to hammock accessories.

For the benefit of those who are not familiar with hammocks, they are actually similar to swings made of specialized fabric. They can be placed in the veranda, in the garden, between two strong trees on the beach or just outside the house.

To use the Mayan hammocks, simply hang it between two mighty trees. If such trees are your favorites or in some way memorable to you, the hours spent on the hammock will even be valuable. For outdoor use, select the rope that is polypropylene for its synthetic material which is resistant to mildew. Nonetheless, such rope shall easily wear out when exposed longer under direct sunlight.

To care for the hammock accessories, even though their brand is Mayan, it is still best to care for them. If nobody is using it, better keep them indoor. Pillows and blankets should not be left outside anywhere even on hammocks, garden chairs and garden benches. Mayan Hammocks are available in varied sizes. For people who desire to share the nature's sway with their beloved behalf or a child, family size hammocks fit, and so do hammocks of 54 by 84 size [in inches]. However, single size hammocks are usually 45 inches wide and 76 to 84 inches long.

Hammocks are beneficial to all people including children when accompanied or guided by an adult. For the elderly, hammocks should be in such a way and form that it does not endanger the health or safety of the elderly. No problem with hammocks accessories for they can always be used by anybody anywhere.

To ensure safety, Mayan Hammocks should be placed at waist length or lower to make entry and exit simple for them. The hammock ropes should sag slightly as the elderly mounts the swing to avoid making the body in tip-over position in lying down. While on the hammock, let them sink down gently.

Safety traps must also be used when the hammocks have spreader bars. Traps can let the hammock hang from a stand when not in use. This is to avoid being tipped-over. Better yet, select Mayan Hammocks that do not have spreader bars. Spreader bars only make hammocks less stable and vulnerable to people in tipping over even when they stretch the fabric to expose the sleeping section.

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