Essential Tips For Working With GE Circuit Breakers

Published: 16th June 2010
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Looking for a reliable circuit breaker? See how GE and ITE can be a reliable breaker. Either has standardized electrical functions. Ge creates circuit breakers useable in water. GE uses a micro electro mechanical system for their small breakers. Discover breakers that are available, with this article.

GE circuit breakers are among the world's best products that are available in the market. GE provides circuit breakers in compliance to the Federal regulations. The circuit breakers that GE manufactures are varied according to its voltage requirements and applications.

ITE circuit breakers on the other hand, are one of the first circuit breakers offering low energy and high quality solutions to different industrial electrical needs. The circuit breakers manufactured by GE have medium and high voltage and are for many applications as well.

The GE 120 amp ground fault circuit breaker is built for circuits that can have contact with water or another ground while using an electrical device. It can be used for American switch, Arrot Hart, Bryant, General Switch and GTE.

GE circuit breakers are designed for protecting for your appliances, whether at home, in the office or at power plants. Commercial sites are also benefiting from the expertise of GE.

To ensure high quality of electrical products, GE uses a microelectromechanical systems technology or MEMS. MEMS is able to fabricate mechanical moving parts on silicon chips, and combine traditional advantages of electromechanical switching with the advantages of solid-state technology.

GE's Q-line miniature circuit breakers are compact in design, come in a molded case, rely on thermal magnetic and provide cost effective solutions. You can choose single, double or triple pole units from among their product line.

GE has a new standard in molded case circuit breaker performance. Among the benefits and features of such new standard are its compact size for easy integration into switchboard and power panels, and consistent white finish across the range, which improves the aesthetic of the product.

GE circuit breaker enclosures come with a complete set of field installable accessories. They are also suitable for use as service equipment and UL listed and CSA certified.

You can choose from among its many types of enclosures including type 1, 3R, 12/12K, 4/4X for most demanding needs. For vacuum breakers, GE Power/Vac has high level of reliability and product integrity, extensive factory testing, and direct reading erosion indicator.

They are also maintenance-fee and offers superior vacuum interrupter technology. Its modular design allows for interchangeable footprint and parts for all breaker sizes. For residential applications, GE's AFCI combination delivers 5 kinds of protection.

It has parallel protection to detect and neutralize parallel arc faults. It offers series protection for arc faults, which are normally undetectable until advanced technology allowed the development of the combination of AFCI breaker.

GE main circuit breakers are ideal for copper to copper connections with corrosion resistance. They are available in 1" or ½" breaker sizes. Applications for main circuit breakers are 125-200 1" TQDL and THQDL, 2 and 3 poles, and for 15-50A ½" THQP, 1 and 2 poles.

The WavePro GE circuit breakers are designed for long-standing experience and safety of breaker line, while adding new safety features. Among its benefits are having two choices-Power and EntelliGuard YU-of solid-state trips with function and cost variability.

For electrical needs, it is best to look into a brand that has been in the industry for many years. The experience and knowledge acquired through the years can be assured to be in-depth. GE circuit breakers are indeed reliable.

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