Exercise: A Treatment for Relieving Constipation

Published: 19th September 2008
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Exercise and eating the right kinds of food are the secret to relieving constipation. Most people that have constipation have a difficulty in doing both of these activities.

Exercise is necessity for eliminating, reducing, minimizing, and preventing constipation. By exercising, you can promote, produce, or create the following:

" Tones and strengthen your colon muscles

" Eliminates blood toxins by sweating.

" Stimulates your cells to eliminate waste and have this waste move out through your lymphatic system.

" Reduces tension and anxiety

" Stimulates your colons wall cell structure to increases its metabolic rate and thus improve its function.

Here is a simple exercise you can do. If you walk after last meal of the day, you can stimulate your colon to create bowel movements. In addition, walking strengthens and tones your colon walls. This prevents your colon from becoming misshaped when you on occasion become constipated.

Inactivity or lack of exercise will contribute to lack of colon muscle tone, which will contribute to constipation no matter what your age.

There are many good exercises that stimulate and strengthen your body. These exercises will help you eliminate constipation. Of course, any type of exercise will be of benefit to your health. When your colon is toxic, then exercises that activate the lymph system are good.

The lymph system removes waste and toxins from the liquid that surround your cells. So it is critical these toxins not be allowed to remain in your body long. If they do, then this is another form of constipation. Lymph nodes get plugged up with toxins, waste, and bacteria and as more waste and toxins are created they get backed up in the lymph liquid or vessels.

The rebounder has long been known to be one of the best exercise tools for stimulating and activating the lymphatic system. It also strengthens all the internal organs, tissue and cells. The colon walls are especially stretched which will help you to relieve your constipation. Other exercises are usually not a complete exercise like the rebounder.

In, Jumping for Health, 1989, Dr. Morton Walker, identifies why the re-bounder is good for a healthy body,

"Thus, the G force at the top of the bounce is eliminated and the body becomes weightless for a fraction of a second. At the bottom of the bounce when you touch the mat the G force suddenly doubles over what is ordinary gravity on earth and internal organs are put under pressure. Their cellular stimulation is increased accordingly so waste materials within cells get squeezed out. The lymphatic system carries waste away to be disposed of through the urinary and other excretory mechanisms. Rebounding makes the body cleaner...The increased G force also puts cell walls under stress causing them to undergo an individual training effect. The aerobics of rebounding brings more oxygen for penetration by osmosis from the blood. Each cell gets the amount of nourishment it requires on which to thrive."

But, if you are not satisfied with your body, the illnesses you support, and the thoughts you think and carry with you, then look at some of the changes you can make that will make your life happier and healthier.

The main thing is to provide movement for your stomach area. This provides movement to your colon and helps to move fecal matter through your colon. It strengthens your colon walls and helps to release glutamine that feeds the intestinal cell lining.

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