Fabulous Idea On Using Norelco Electric Shavers

Published: 23rd May 2011
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If you want to know why men would consider the Norelco Spectra 8894xl, then you need to read this article. Some of the features and benefits are listed. It does have one drawback and you should know about this. Step into this article to get some feedback on this Norelco.

In the Norelco electric shavers, Norelco Spectra 8894xl is an upper level razor of Norelco. It is a special model that has a rotary razor with 4 features.

First, it has a personal comfort control setting. Second, it has an enhanced lift and cut technology. Third, it can be washed with water from the faucet for convenience. Fourth, its cutting system is improved.

The razorís top has 3 circular cutting areas with heads are able to shift, especially when you depress it from any point. Its entire assemblage is can also pivot. Thus, if your chin is placed at the center of the assemblage, the head will pivot inwards to cup your chin. Then, it removes your hair quickly and more conveniently. This is because the 3 cutting heads also cup your chin at whatever angle.

The truth is that the Norelco electric shavers, Norelco spectra 8894xl can twist, turn, and compensate for cleft chins, sculpted cheekbones, and dimples.

On its personal comfort control setting, you will see a knob to its right with 9 clicks which range from s for sensitive to n for normal. So, when you rotate the knob, the gear turns; which in turn, turns the shaft in the center of its face.

You will see another shaft above the first shaft when the head is closed. This second or lower shaft is attached to a spring that controls the pressure of the 3 rotating cutters so that when you press the top, there is more resistance to the conforming heads. Moreover, the shaft is angled with 3 ramps. Each ramp can contact the top by turning the shaft, which in turn, adjusts the pressure of the spring that is passed onto the cutter heads.

One effect of such feature in Norelco electric shavers, Norelco Spectra 8894xl is the difference in speed of shaving. A click or two leaning towards the Normal setting gives you more speed.

The lift and cut technology of spectra is what men like. Its gist of technology is with a pre-blade to tug on your whisker, causing your hair to lift, and then the spring efficiently falls below its cutter, which allows you to nip on your pre-tensioned whisker.

For an electric shaver, the spectra cuts quicker and more even than any other electric shaver in the market. Its ability to lift the main head and rinse the assembly is a major advantage. However, because Norelco spectra is a high-tech razor, you have to give yourself a period of adjustment to get yourself familiarized with its cool features and functions.

One drawback of Norelco electric shavers, Norelco spectra 8894xl is that you cannot use it while you are having your shower. The electric razor is intended only when your face is dry.

Norelco spectra 8894xl is a cool innovation of Norelco. The spectra even has the James Bond edition which comes in sleek navy blue or black color.

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