Get Rid of Hemorrhoids: Hemorrhoid relief with Natural Remedies

Published: 02nd September 2008
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If you want to get rid of hemorrhoids you need to know what causes them and what natural remedies to use. Hemorrhoids are caused by constipation and the remedy you need for hemorrhoids is more than one remedy.

If you have hemorrhoids, then you need to have regular bowel movements When you go into the bathroom, go in there to have a bowel movement. Don't take a newspaper, magazine, or book to read because that keeps you in there longer. Sitting for long periods on the toilet puts pressure on your rectum and anal veins. This long sit will eventually leads to hemorrhoids or aggravates the hemorrhoids you already have. So, you don't want to sit there longer than necessary.

And for sure, don't strain and push to have a bowel movement. This is a sure way to enlarge your hemorrhoids. If your stools don't want to come out, here are a few things you can while sitting on the toilet to help them to come out easier.

" Sit-up straight and lean back slightly

" Raise your arms up above you, this stretches and moves your colon

" place your feet on a small stool to move your knees upward. This takes off some of the pressure felt in your anal area

" Move your stomach in and out to help move your colon

" Move side to side to stretch and move your colon

If you have a job where you have to sit all day, get up and walk around every hour or as often as you can. If you have an exercise room, do a few exercises for a few minutes. Doing exercise is necessary if you want to get rid of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are like extra skin with blood vessels or inflammation that accumulates around your anus. That area can become sensitive or painful to touch or when you are having a bowel movement.

You need to exercise if you want to get rid of hemorrhoids. A daily fast walk around a few blocks is the best. Yoga is also very helpful, since it helps to stretch colon and anus muscles, and revive circulation. Any exercise you do will be helpful. Another exercise to do is on a rebounder. A rebounder exercises every part of your body and helps to force your lymph liquid into the lymph nodes for detoxification. This will help you to recover from any condition you might have quicker.

You can do all the things for preventing hemorrhoids and constipation, but if you do not exercise regularly, it will be hard to get rid of hemorrhoids and even constipation. So plan to exercise, it is good for life and not just good for hemorrhoids and constipation.

The other exercise that you can do is an anus exercise. You do this by pushing down like if you are going to have a bowel movement and then pull back. Do this for a few minutes. This will help to build the tissue in that area and to bring new blood to remove the toxins that build up in that area. Yes I know, this is uncomfortable to do, but if you don't do some of these exercises, then these hemorrhoids will get worst as time passes.

Keeping regular with easy flowing bowel movements and regular exercise can help you reduce or even prevent hemorrhoids. But to get rid of hemorrhoids, you will need to make sure you are not constipated. Constipation is the cause of hemorrhoids. Take a look at some of my other articles that give you information on how to stop constipation.

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