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Published: 17th August 2010
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Another comparison between these two is durability. It has proven that diesel engines can survive and last longer than gas engines. For this reason, businesses which require lengthy travel and heavy loads use diesel engines like cat diesel engines.

On the other hand, although gas engines are less powerful and durable than the other, their price is somewhat cheaper. Another drawback of diesel motors is their maintenance, which could be heavy on the pocketbook of truck owners or hauling companies.

Engines that Would Suit your Pocketbook and Needs

Having been in the market for 80 years, Caterpillar, also known as Cat, maintained a good reputation in providing the global market with reliable products and services. Among all its products, the company takes the most pride in its cat engine. Of course, their diesel engines are the most reliable and durable available in the market.

Aside from power, performance and durability, cat also offers practicality. This is due to the fact that the company sells used caterpillar engines to the market. However, the selling of used cat engines also keeps the market from buying new tractors which could cost the company.

Here are some of powerful engines that you could find in either online or offline truck part stores:

Cat C7 Engine

With 6 inline cylinders, horsepower of 300-360 hp at 2400 rpm and torque rise of 860 -925 lb/ft at 1440 rpm this engine would surely run a heavy-loaded truck

Cat C9 Engine

Specifications include 6 inline-cylinder, 1425 lb (647 kg) weight, 300-360 hp at 2400 rpm and torque ability of 860- 925 lb -ft at 1440, this diesel engine would drive your truck and its load all the way down to its destination.

Cat C15 engine

With specifications of: 6 in-line cylinders, 3090 lbs (1402 kg) weight, 600-625 hp at 2100 rpm, and 1850 -2050 lb-ft at 1200 rpm torque ability, this cat is going to help you carry the weight of the world.

Older engine models like cat 3116 engine, 3406 and 3306 are still found in cat truck engine parts shops.

So what happens if your truck engine break down? Who can repair a cat truck engine?

Now, don't panic yet! If your engine is experiencing problems, this doesn't necessarily means that you drive straight to a specialist or mechanic. Your own toolbox and repair manual are maybe all you need to tune that engine.

Aside from this, Caterpillar products are always sold with product support and warranty. Their sales and service shops provide specialists, technicians and mechanics that could assist you in case of engine damage or breakdown.

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