Have A Flower Garden That Needs Plum Trees

Published: 21st April 2010
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Keep your yard health by planting plum trees. These trees produce plums that have medicinal value. Plums are is good for stomach problems and constipation. The tree blooms with beautiful flowers. Do you know plum trees you can plant? Pick the Purple leaf plum tree for your soil. In this article, find the plum tree that is right for you.

Plum trees are among the many trees around the world. According to biblical story, plants were the first created living things. Animals and humans were only created after them.

Science tells people that trees and plants are essential for the Earth to live. Plants help stabilize the atmosphere, manufacture food and most of the raw materials that are needed to make products that are important for people. Among these are medicines, clothes, paper, wood and more.

Without being too technical about it, it is undeniable that trees are very important for people. The fruit trees like plum trees are particularly loved by many.

There are several kinds of plum trees that are perfect for your garden or orchard. Here are a few of these:

• The Newport Plum is one of the purple leaf plum trees. It is primarily an ornamental plant with beautiful reddish-purple foliage and bright red tips. This is one of the first trees to bloom during spring and it bears fragrant pink flowers. It is a cherry plum tree, which bears rounded purple fruit. This variant is also very resistant to deers and rabbits. This grows on clay or sandy soils.

Another variant of the purple leaf plum trees is the Princess Kay plum which grows on soil with very good irrigation. It requires a lot of sun for that perfect fragrant double white blossom in May.

• Crabapple trees grow on an upright growth. This kind of tree is usually dark green and is very disease tolerant. This is one tree type that is good for the summer garden as its crimson bud blossoms into white flowers and wilts to red. It has orange-red fruit which adds fall and winter interests. No pruning or chemical controls are needed for this, which makes it very favorable for the busy grower. This tree grows in full sun and adapts to various soil types.

• The thundercloud plum displays of single pink flowers, which makes your spring more fragrant. It very rarely bears fruit, but its deep purple and glossy foliage can be enough. This kind of plant could grow on sandy and clayish soils with normal to moist water. Truly, this tree requires less maintenance.

• Native American plum is usually seen in rocky or sandy soils in woodlands and is best known for being a small, deciduous single trunk or multi- shrub. Its flowers blossom into edible, round red plums, which ripen during summer.

There are other varieties of plum trees available and you can check them out online. You do not have to worry too much, when you buy these trees online, for they are going to be delivered right to your door. Your plum trees are not just good for fruit-bearing, but they are great for landscape trees as well.

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