Ideas To Help You Select A Grandfather Clock

Published: 13th April 2010
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Are you planning to get a grandfather clock? This decorative clock has different designs. Do you like an antique grandfather? Franklin Cherrywood grandfather stands 6 '3" tall. Get the type of wood that will match your furniture. Check this article to discover types of grandfather clocks.

Classifying a grandfather clock is never difficult. Experts reveal that there are only three common elements that define the grandfather clock. These elements are the materials selected in making the clocks, the designer of the clock, and the architectural statement.

Clocks are built and finished using several types of materials. But, the most common is wood such as beech and cherry. Some modern grandfather clocks combine stone, metal, glass and other components.

Madison, Wesley and Franklin are three popular brands of grandfather clocks. Among them, the Madison is the one that is known as a gorgeous timepiece that towers at 6 feet 4 inches tall. It is also the newest collection.

A grandfather clock of Madison brand has a 31-day key wind movement and has pleasant traditional chimes that resonate every hour and half-hour. You will hear the sound five times at 5 o'clock, 6 times at 6 o' clock, and once after every half-hour.

Madison grandfather clock uses real wood. For its finish, it uses Oakwood. Particleboard and pressed paper have no place in Madison grandfather clocks. Another manufacturer of clock is the Wesley. Wesley grandfather clocks fill the need for conventional grandfather clocks.

The grandfather clock of Wesley stands 6 feet tall. Its style is fascinating as it can blend well to all types of décor at home or at the office. Also, it uses Oakwood for its finish material. Because it is a mechanical clock with 31-day key wind movement, it needs to be wound once a month.

The chimes are produced by hitting two chime pin rods by two hammers. The springs which need to be wound are what drive the Wesley grandfather clocks. This grandfather clock makes a perfect gift if you are looking for a traditional grandfather clock.

For its chimes, it also reverberates to connote the time of the day. Wesley grandfather clocks use a pendulum for its accuracy in telling time. The pendulum swings are visible on the lower portion of its body.

The Franklin Cherrywood grandfather clock towers at 6 feet and 3 inches height. Its style is versatile and can blend in to your existing décor or furniture. With Cherrywood as its finish and real wood for the body, it makes Franklin a grandfather clock, the clock you should buy.

The manufacturer of Franklin Cherrywood ensures that the woodwork is of high standards from the base to the head. It uses Arabic numerals, and has its chime resonating once every half hour. To determine the hour of the day, the chimes resonate the number of times of the hour.

It also has a 31-day winding mechanical capability. The pendulum is delicately designed to make it beautiful as well as accurate.It can be adjusted to ensure accurate time keeping.

The architectural description of a grandfather clock involves the manner in which the clock operates. In the world of grandfather clocks, you can categorize them either as traditional/antique or contemporary.

A grandfather clock that is antique uses a key to wind the timing mechanism, and pendulum/weights with elaborate carvings. The contemporary grandfather clocks use battery to operate. Mostly, they also have sleeker lines.

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