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Published: 08th February 2011
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Advance shipment notice is like a packing list. It notifies pending deliveries through electronic format in EDI document. If you use the EDI X12 system, the document is termed as EDI 856. The ASN is used also to contain a list of shipment goods and additional information regarding the shipment.

The information ranges from the nature of the order, product description, specifications, markings, carrier information, type of packaging, and configuration of goods. Also, the ASN makes it possible for sender to describe the contents and configuration of the shipment in many ways. It also provides flexibility to present the information.

In logistics, the advance shipment notice is a new concept made possible by state-of-the-art communication methods. While it is similar to bill of lading in providing information, ASN functions differently.

Unlike the bill of lading, the ASN provides information to destinationís receiving quarters or branch in advance. Thus, this notification is characterized by cost-efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility.

Todayís receiving operations despite their modernity does not have the luxury of time to break down a shipping unit such as a pallet or carton to identify its contents. Instead, they rely on quick scans of barcodes indicated on the shipping labels.

It is different with ASN because it provides a list of all barcodes of ID numbers of the shipping units and their contents. Moreover, upon receiving the shipping unit, the costs are believed to be mitigated by 40%.

Accuracy is another of its characteristics. After receiving the advance shipping notice, the receiving party shall be informed of differences between expectation of the shipment and the actual shipment. And being able to have first-hand knowledge of fill rates of the orders provides a chance to distribute goods in subsequent shipment, making it a flexible notification system.

eBay or any e-shop is a commonplace where the ASN is applied. If you have made an order through the internet, United States mail, or telephone, it is apparent that you will receive the ASN notifying you of pending delivery. Included in the notification are the specifics of your expectation, your order.

In business, such notification is very useful because both parties can keep track of the expensive freight such as ready-to-use vehicles. It also assures accountability by the responsible parties.

Nonetheless, the ASN can be confusing because there are too many of the software available. According to the experts the best basic package must include options such as tab down to quickly enter data and label printing.

It would be best to watch free demonstration videos to have better understanding of how an advance shipment notice actually works. Read software specifications and reviews. Sometimes, there are ratings and choices that are contributed by users.

When you purchase goods, communicate with your suppliers through a company that can serve as the advance shipment notice provider. Ensure though that they engage the EDI or electronic data interchange using the AS2 or applicable statement 2 certification technology. This will protect your company and shipment information.

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