Inside Facts About Basement Leaks

Published: 29th June 2010
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Are you struggling with basement leaks? Do you know what is causing this basement water infiltration? There are many water source that can cause this problem. A quick repair will be necessary to preserve your foundation. This article gives you information on the various causes of foundation leaks.

Basement leaks certainly make life a bit miserable. Worst, it can also weaken the foundation of your home. Thus, it is important that basement water infiltration should be addressed quickly.

But, before you seek professional help on this problem, it is also important for you to know some of the causes of these leaks. It could be caused by mere cracks in the foundation, plumbing cracks, or facet dripping.

Here are other causes of basement leaks you need to know about so you can get this problem fix properly.

Clay bowl effect

This happens if some foundations intrude upon layers of natural bedrock that are guiding water to springs and other water sources. Water builds up on its natural path if your foundation stands in the way.

To make matters worse, the water that pools absorbs into the dirt around the foundation especially in areas where the soil has clay. This is called the "Clay Bowl" effect. This water seeps through any opening and crack which will lead to basement leaking.

Drainage breakdown

If outside drainage breakdowns, water does not move away from your home. It clogs more around the perimeter of your house.

As the water builds up in the backfill, it causes hydrostatic pressure. This pressure pushes the water into the basement, seeping through cracks and joints, specifically the floor-wall joint. This will then cause basement water infiltration.

Hydrostatic pressure

This enormous amount of force is created, as the backfill becomes saturated. This happens when water begins to build up around your house when you have a clogged exterior footing drain.

Hydrostatic pressure makes your basement air more humid. This happens when this pressure pushes water vapor through the porous concrete of your home. When the air in your basement is dry, it will then suck up this leaking water vapor.

The combined forces of nature, hydrostatic pressure, and gravity will be more than enough to case a crack in your basement, leading to basement water infiltration.

Wall and floor leaks

This happens when water follows a sewer or water pipe under the floor. In this system, the water travels through the floor-wall joint. As it travels in this area it also builds up water pressure. This pressure builds up under the footing of the foundation and underneath your floor. The weight of all the water under the floor pushes upwards through the floor cracks and causes pooling in your basement.

This can be avoided by a perimeter waterproofing system and a sump pump. You can also easily keep it under control by having a lateral line that runs from the crack to the perimeter waterproofing system.

These are only a few of the many causes of basement leaking. It is essential to know the cause of this problem before you can actually do something to solve it. Knowing what is causing your basement leaks, will help you and a service technician to solve your leakage.

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