Inside Facts About Good Dog Car Seat Covers

Published: 25th June 2010
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What material is best for auto seat covers? Are you looking for dog car seat covers? Do you know what type you should get? Or do you know what type of material you should use. Getting a certain material will determine how long they will last. Get some ideas about the material to use when you purchase your seat covers.

Auto seat covers provide protection on your vehicle's seats from the wear and tear of everyday use. Using the car would mean sliding in and out of your car's seats. Incidences such as spilled beverages, dropped food, wet or dirty clothes, dirty pets and playful kids, and direct sunlight can ruin your seats in just few months.

With custom fit seat covers, however, your car seats are kept looking like new. Stains, rips and tears can take their toll on the seat covers. There are even dog car seat covers, which will protect the seats from dog's wastes and fur. The materials used in making these seat covers are varied. You can choose neoprene, camouflage, leather, velour, suede and tweed.

Neoprene auto seat covers are durable. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber known for its UV resistance and flexibility. So, if your car is often exposed to sunlight, neoprene is reliable. Another good property of neoprene is its resistance against stretching out of shape and resistance against water.

Camouflage for a seat cover is good at concealing stains and dirt. Its design is also attractive and unique. The pattern can be customized to match the armrest, litter bags, steering wheel covers and seat covers. Four popular camouflage patterns include superflage, standard, desert tan, and conceal.

Leather is a material obtained from animal skin. It is a popular material mainly because of its outstanding properties, such as durability under extreme condition, high temperature, excess light and moisture, and mechanical loading. It has been used since the primitive time, and has been subjected to several changes in order to deliver optimal performance.

Leather auto seat covers are sleek and attractive. When you use it for the interior of your car, your overall car aesthetic is timeless and classy. Leather is also water resistant. It is not affected by water. Moreover, it is easy to maintain and clean. You can choose from different colors such as white, cream, light brown and black.

Velour is a knitted, plush fabric made from cotton. But it can also be made from synthetic materials like polyester. This material is used for upholstery, especially in making dog car seat covers. Because it is a knit fabric, it is stretchable. It also has the rich appearance and feel of velvet. In fact, velour is often used as a substitute for velvet. Today, it is used to cover seats for cars, because it is also flame-resistance and elastic.

Suede is a variant of leather material, but with a napped finish. Its term is derived from the French words "gants de Suede", which means "gloves of Sweden." It is taken from the under side of the skin, primarily lamb. It is also obtained from goat, pig, calf and deer. Because it is taken from the under side of skinned animals, suede auto seat covers are less durable, but softer than standard leather.

Tweed auto seat covers are made of woolen fabric. It is known for its durability and warmth. Given the proper care, tweed material can last for decades. Also, it has a wide selection of colors and patterns.

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