Some Masquerade Ideas To Choose From

Published: 09th July 2010
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Are you going to a costume party? Are you tired of the same old boring super hero type outfit? Do you need some fiery ideas? You could always dump those cheap costumes you already have and buy new popular outfits that are not necessarily costumes for Halloween only.

One of the best masquerade ideas out there is to wear skimpy devil outfits. These costumes work really great in luring eyes to your direction. That is if you can survive all the attention. Another could be wearing vampire clothes. With all the vampire fanaticism out there you won't feel out of place, and you could even consider yourself a cast of C. Harwicke's Twilight.

Also consider wearing angel wings. You're not so much on the angel side either? Try a dark angel. If you want to be earthly, you could become a warrior-princess. Yeah, you read that right, the mighty Xena's Romanesque costume isn't very rare.

Do these masquerade ideas sound too dark? Then fancy dresses must be for you. Have the feeling of role-playing a nurse? Well, you can. It's one of the most popular outfits there is. You could also bring back the inner child out of you by wearing fairy costumes. Not only will you look sexily cute, you will look sexily magical.

Oh, and don't forget to pair those kinds of costume with a wand. Other fantasy attire might interest you. A Tinkerbelle costume perhaps or you could try wearing a fairy god mother costume, if that fits your description. You could also try being Alice of Alice in Wonderland. That'll sure bring you a unique experience, "How's this for, too much?"

Are you getting the feeling that these costume ideas are still not for you? Perhaps you thought wrong, or even better, perhaps you were the class clown a few years back and want to be a little funny now. Funny looks can do wonders for the host. Your funny attire could make the party even livelier, and the host will be sure to thank you.

Wearing a pirate look can be very exciting as you won't sound funny if you seriously talk in the pirate language, which everyone wants to do. Yar matey! Down the plank matey! It'll be fun for you and for all. Just make sure the people laugh with you and not at you.

Whatever costume you decide wearing just make sure you're comfortable with it. By comfortable I mean, if you want to be sexy, be sexy. If you want to be funny, be funny. If you want to be magical, by all means, be magical.

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