This Is A Grandfather Clock You Need To Buy

Published: 22nd April 2010
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Do you want to buy a grandfather clock? Add this decorative clock to your home. Its unique chime can bring back memories. You can also put a grandfather clock in your office. Choose your design that fits your home decor. Read this article to discover what grandfather clock to buy.

There are few ways to classify a grandfather clock. Experts use three factors. One factor is the material used in making the grandfather. The designer of the clock is another. The description of the architectural design is the third.

There are several types of materials used in making these clocks. Wood is the most common type, like the cherry and beech. There are also modern grandfather clocks that use a combination of materials such as stone, glass, metal and many others.

Manufacturers such as Madison Oakwood, Wesley Oakwood, and Franklin Cherrywood are among the contemporary. The Madison Oakwood grandfather clock is one of the newest grandfather clocks. It sports an elegant colonial style.

A grandfather clock made by Madison has 31-day key wind movement. Its chimes are pleasant to the ears, whenever they resonate to indicate the hour, and half of the hour. If the time is 12 o 'clock, the chime reverberates 12 times, and once at 12:30.

The Madison grandfather clock uses pleasant chimes, which oscillates several times indicating the hour, and once indicating the half-hour. Wesley, another manufacturer of grandfather clock is effective in providing the "antique" style.

Just as the name suggested, a grandfather clock of Wesley creation uses Oakwood for its finish. It neither uses pressed paper nor particle board; rather it uses real wood. Also featuring a 31-day key-wind movement, the Wesley Oakwood grandfather clock only needs to be wound once a month.

The clock is driven by the wound springs. Its chimes are created by two hammers hitting two chime pin rods, to make them pleasing to the ears. It does not have auto-shut timer for its chime, nevertheless, the sound is never irritating.

Just like the Madison, the chimes indicate the hour of the day. Wesley grandfather clocks use pendulum to make them functional in telling time. When you buy this clock, you will see the pendulum swinging. When you try to stop the pendulum, you are stopping the clock.

The Franklin Cherrywood grandfather clock stands 6 feet 3 inches tall. It is elegantly-styled so that it fits any d├ęcor theme. It uses solid wood, with cherry wood for its finish, making it a grandfather clock to pass on from generation to next.

In making and designing Franklin, the builders guarantee excellent wood work from head to base. The Arabic numerals are uncommon, yet never isolated. It too echoes its chime once for half hour, and several times to indicate the time.

It also has a 31-day winding mechanical capability. The pendulum is delicately designed to make it beautiful as well as accurate.It can be adjusted to ensure accurate time keeping.

The architectural statement indicates whether a grandfather clock is antique or contemporary. It is the manner by which the clock is operated.

A grandfather clock is known to be antique if it has winding mechanism key, and pendulum with elaborate carvings. The clock is said to be contemporary if it merely uses a battery to make it operational.

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