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Published: 16th March 2012
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The best constipation remedies are natural. They cure constipation from its causes, and without the harmful side effects commonly associated with western medicine. Constipation is a disturbance in the digestive system, which prevents fecal matter to exit the colon daily.

It happens when the elimination of your wastes is not regular, or when not all your bowels are emptied. In which case, you are prone to other health risks. Not being able to remove totally all your wastes allows toxins to accumulate in colon, making it a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

As waste continues to pile up in your colon, toxins can move into the blood and move to specific body location, where they damage cells and cause them to malfunction.

Some of the serious diseases caused by constant constipation include cancer, high blood pressure, cataract, appendicitis, arthritis, and rheumatism.

If you want to try the natural remedies for constipation, you can check out your kitchen. Your kitchen may have the answer. One of them is fiber. Fiber has a crucial role in constipation. Insoluble fiber passes through your digestive system almost unchanged. It gives your stools soft texture and bulk and activates peristaltic action.

Foods rich in insoluble fiber include the whole grains, vegetables and fruits. High fiber whole grains consist of wheat bran, whole grain bread and brown rice. Prunes and figs, with high fiber, can make a good breakfast or a snack. Taking fiber supplements is also fine.

Fluids are part of the constipation remedies that are natural. Drink lots of water, at least 3 to 5 glasses a day. Drinking water is very important to your health. It helps people with constipation. Water makes the stool soft and easy to pass.

Laxatives are also considered a remedy. Herbs known to relieve constipation can be in the form of tea bags or supplements. Some of the famous herbs for constipation are Buckthorn, Senna, Aloe, Cascara Sagrada and Rhubarb.

Senna is among the approved treatments that can be purchased over the counter. Although it is generally intended for a short term treatment, some people use it as part of their daily diet to ensure healthy bowel movement every day. However, it is recommended not to use it for more than a month. Senna can become addictive.

Acupressure is known as part of the Chinese traditional medicine or comprehensive alternative medicine. Acupressure involves the application of finger pressure to particular acupuncture points on the body. For constipation, the point being targeted is large intestine 4.

Probiotics like the lactobacillus acidophilus are good bacteria that can benefit the wellness of your intestines. They are live microbial organisms that are present in the digestive tract. Among its health benefits are improving immune function, suppressing the growth of harmful bacteria, snd helping to produce vitamin K.

If you have deficiency in Magnesium, you may be at risk of constipation. As a mineral, magnesium is essential for normal muscle function including the intestinal muscles. Taking magnesium supplement or eating foods rich in it is among the natural constipation remedies.

Doing regular physical exercise can also help you have a regular bowel movement. Physical exercise helps the body to detoxify. Also, if you have the urge to move your bowel, do not put it off. The longer you delay, the more risk you take in having your colon forget you need to have a bowel movement. Then, when you decide its time, your colon may not be in the mood to cooperate.

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