What Is A Natural Wart Remover?

Published: 14th March 2011
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If you have a wart, then you probably know the impression that it gives to the people. And this is a significant reason to find a wart remover that would work for you.

People with warts are usually self conscious of them and have a loss of come self confidence. Little did they know that these tiny skin tumors can occur to anybody. It can appear on your skin, your baby’s skin or anyone in your family.

Warts have different types. They can be acquired through viral infection or direct contact with anyone who has it. They are contagious and perhaps this is one reason why people are put off whenever they see someone with such skin disorder.

The appearance of warts on the skin could last from months to years. Failing to treat them could make them last longer and grow bigger. They generally appear on the hands, feet, eyelids and face. But they can occur anywhere on the body. If you have them on the face, then you shouldn’t be surprised at people looking at you in different ways.

An over the counter wart removal generally works on most types of warts. But, some people have sensitive skin and usually get a reaction from wart removal products. In such cases, natural wart removal may be more effective.

There are several natural ways to eliminate warts. One of them is by following a home remedy. It is noninvasive and uses products that are usually available at home. Some of the things you can use are lemon, oil, apple and cider vinegar.

Here are some natural ways to remove wart or home wart removal for different types of warts:

* Potatoes could be good a plantar wart removal. If you are tired of the pain that your tiny skin tag causes, then grab a potato and peel. Afterwards, cut it into half and start rubbing on your wart.

Because it is important to keep the affected area dry and clean, then do not forget to wash it and dry it. For a couple of weeks, you have to continue this process at the interval of two hours.

* Garlic is a popular wart remover. This ingredient is among the most popular home remedies of all times. It is also use in different skin diseases.

As a natural wart remover, you only have to crush it. Use a piece of cloth to lay it on your wart. The thing is, you have to stand the smell for a week or until our tiny tumor fell off.

* One of the easiest wart removal home remedies is honey. With honey, you don’t have to stand any pungent smell, crush anything or put a lot of effort to make your wart disappear.

For twice a day, apply honey on your wart. You only have to be patient and your skin problem will eventually vanish.

There are many different natural formulations that you can find on the internet or in special e-books that reveal natural ways to remove your warts.

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