What To Look For When Picking Magnet Sweepers?

Published: 08th September 2010
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Do you work on a construction site? Most likely you use a magnet sweeper. These broom like devices are a typical tool used to clear an area nails and other metal parts that can cause problems. Read this article to discover the effectiveness of magnet sweepers.

Magnet sweepers make a laborious job an easier one. Construction companies rely on this cleaning device to ensure that the working area and its surroundings are free of any debris, especially metal debris. Apart from its effectiveness in cleaning, the sweeper magnet is also time-efficient.

Before the invention of magnetic sweepers, the laborers had to spend four hours each day to make the area clean of metal debris, which can be very difficult to spot when they are on the ground as they stick and hide behind any objects.

However, thanks to technology, sweeping the ground with a magnetic device can make a four-hour job done in 30 minutes. These sweepers employ the magnet which attracts the metal regardless of their size. Hence, it is efficacious and convenient in taking out even the smallest metal particle.

Business enterprises engaged in making roofs also take advantage of the benefits of magnet sweepers in cleaning. Roofers have nails as among their tools in handling a task. These nails can be dropped easily into the homeowner's ground, whether on the grass or soil.

With a magnetic floor sweeper or magnet broom, the roofer can ensure that not a single nail- or anything that is made of metal, such as screws and tools-is left in the grass or ground of the homeowner.

This magnetic device is a tool that is mounted on a long handle, resembling a broom or sweeper. On its base are magnetic strips which attract any lost metal debris and metal objects from the ground. There are different features of a magnetic broom to fit the needs of any organization.

Some brooms have wheels on each side, so the person handling the task will only have to roll the broom over the ground. There are also brooms that have a rake-like attachment at the base. This is very useful if you are cleaning the grass.

For a sweeper magnet that is manually operated, the sizes can range from 10 inches to 36 inches wide. Construction and Roofing companies often have these brooms of various sizes so many of its workers can participate in cleaning the areas, after a day's work.

To clean the streets and highways of any metal debris and metal objects, sweepers use the magnetic brooms. There are models that feature hydraulic controls, and which can adjust the height of the magnet based on the type of surface the broom is on.

The housing also comes in different variations including the steel and aluminum. The steel housing can withstand more abuse than the aluminum handle. If you choose the magnet sweepers with steel handling, you can use it also as an inner frame having a permanently-secured end caps.

Magnet sweepers offer the optimal solution to the problem of cleaning tiny ferrous metal objects including nuts and bolts, metal shavings and tacks. Before you make any purchase, you have to determine your needs and the favorable style for you. There are lift-truck, towable and hand-held styles.

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