What You Can Do With Magnet Lifters?

Published: 05th August 2010
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Have you heard about magnet lifters? It is useful to most industrial companies to lift heavy loads. They are money saving lifting tools. Rare earth magnet lifters come in different sizes, textures and application. The permanent magnet can lift up to 2,200 pounds. Read this article to find out how magnet lifters work.

Magnet lifters are essential equipment that many industries are now using. It has proven to be effective in providing lightweight and cost efficient means of transporting heavy materials.

There are many different kinds of these lifters, which are made of rare earth magnets. Manufacturing companies and industries dealing with huge materials and other equipments find it necessary to use magnetic lifters in moving around such materials.

These lifters made of rare earth magnets can hold heavy workloads securely. Without the need to use clamps, slings and other holding devices, moving around and transporting huge and heavy material is made easy with magnet lifters.

Using this kind of tool can improve productivity by allowing only one person to do the task that may have need two or more people. These are indeed versatile in the workplace. Using this kind of lifter not only makes moving and transporting easily but also safe and quick.

There are different types of lifters made of rare earth magnets. Basically, there are two major types of magnet lifters. These are the permanent and the electromagnets.

Permanent magnets are often used in the work place with heavy workloads. It is operated by a lever for turning on and off. It is powerful enough to carry heavy flat and round materials even those weighing up to 2,200 pounds.

These types of lifters with permanent magnets can easily be moved to different work sites within machine shops. However, it also has a restricted lifting capacity, which is the basic characteristic of permanent magnets.

Electromagnets on the other hand, use electricity to charge the magnet, so it can hold material to the magnet face. These are generally run on DC current. Obviously, lifters using electromagnets need a constant power, which is an addition to the overhead expenses in production. It also poses some danger especially whenever there is a power failure.

Employing these two types of magnet lifters depends on how it is use. Other than the type of magnets, there are other things you need to consider before actually making any purchase.

Thickness of material, surface condition, and weight of the workload are some of the important factors that will affect the overall performance of lifting magnets. Hence, these should be one of the bases in choosing the right lifter to address your specific needs.

Other than providing an easy way to move around heavy materials, using lifters made either of permanent of electromagnets, also saves time in the workplace. Aside from eliminating the slinging and blocking, it also reduces waste. Since magnets do not pose any damage to the metal surface it decreases any kind of product damage which were often caused by chains and hooks.

With these advantages, it is obviously clear that lifters made of magnets can really offer increase quality movement and labor. It is therefore important to have these in mind when you need to address your lifting needs, using magnet lifters.

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