What You Should Know About A Nuwave Oven?

Published: 08th June 2010
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Are in interested in the Nuwave oven? This is a new type of oven that cooks 3 ways. You can broil, grill and roast without fats or oil. It only has a dial that controls time and temperature. It cooks faster then a convection oven. Read this article to find out what the Nuwave is all about.

The NuWave oven is the only countertop infrared oven to win the ChefsBest award. The independent professional chefs honored it as the best performing oven for seven consecutive years since 2000.

Even the Cooking Club of America is endorsing it to the public. The Health and Wellness club recommends it for health's sake. The best characteristic of this infrared oven is its healthy cooking, that is, without the bad cholesterol.

So, it broils, grills, roasts, and toasts without using fats or oil, and its oil and fats are greatly reduced, so that only very little is retained in the food. The NuWave can also bake, steam, air fry, and barbecue healthily. In addition, it can dehydrate food without pre-heating or defrosting.

Air frying is frying without oil. So, when you fry fries, it is possible to fry without oil. The results are crispy, golden yellow fries. This oven, the patented NuWave, is partly a countertop convection oven, partly conduction oven, and partly infrared cooking device.

The oven that is installed in your kitchen is typically a conduction oven. Some ovens may have a fan to circulate the heat and this make this device a conduction-convection oven. This unit has heating elements that release heat, which then cooks your food from the outside in.

As a conduction oven, NuWave directly transfers heat to the food like regular ovens do. As a convection oven, it is a bit fancier as it circulates hot air around the food in an oven. Hence, it evenly distributes heat, speeding up the process and consistency of cooking.

If you are cooking chicken, the meat becomes evenly golden brown all throughout the sides. No part of the meat is cooked rare because it cooks from inside and out.

Now, NuWave oven is equipped with infrared that heats up food directly without heating up the air around it. The rays that come with the infrared radiate the heat directed at the food just like the restaurants utilize warming lights to cook their foods. This way, the cooking time is reduced.

It uses 1500watts, but it is the most energy-efficient since it requires less cooking time. And for that, it makes an eco-friendly device. NuWave features Dial Controls on the Power Head for controlling time and temperature.

It has a transparent dome and a dome holder, 2" cooking rack, 10" baking pan, base and a locking device to hold dome and power head in place. The baking pan is used to make desserts, cook meats, fish and poultry.

The NuWave oven is an efficient and healthy alternative to conventional oven. Besides reducing the bad cholesterol from food, it is also energy-efficient because it uses the convection-infrared method of heating.

If your food is frozen and has larger cuts of meat, the NuWave can cook quicker-50% faster than conventional ovens. The food remains moist in the inside, and evenly brown on the outside without using oil.

In every usage, the patented cooking methods applied in NuWave oven are Conduction, Convection and Infrared. The rays emitted from infrared work with a convection fan and a conductive heat to ensure even cooking on all layers in between foods.

With NuWave oven, you would love to cook and use healthier oils on fries, roast and to sauté vegetables on the foldable and adjustable tray. And because it guarantees quick cooking, you do not have to buy drive-thru pack lunches.

Go to https://www.mynuwaveoven.com/ and discover the benefits of the Nuwave oven. It's a counter top oven and fits anywhere. You can even take it camping if you have electricity. Your food tastes better with Nuwave. Go to New wave oven and see why people love this oven.

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